Founder, Dalton Scott
2016 - Present

An authentic and intentional way of recruiting, where people matter more than metrics. Mesh uses empathy, presence, and equanimity to restore purpose in our work by making conscious connections in the workplace and beyond.
How We Got Started

Founder of Mesh, Dalton Scott, came to Ethos Media with a vision to grow his company and his impact.

The goal was to create a platform for his thought leadership in the recruiting world, so he could reach more people, expand the success of all that Mesh offered, and elevate his passion to empower recruiters and help candidates find true fulfillment in their work and their lives.

He developed Mesh to bring a more human-centered approach to the recruiting industry. With a desire to see more people find meaningful work, Dalton developed a method that empowers recruiters and helps candidates find work that aligns with their values and ambitions. Now his company needed to grow.


To fulfill the vision of Mesh, Dalton needed a clear business strategy and evolve the Mesh brand. With a clearer understanding of his ideal audiences, he could re-structure what Mesh offered to serve his people with a value-giving approach.

The brand needed to accurately embody his mission, and the website and digital systems needed to be scalable for growth if Mesh were to reach its full potential.

Our Solution
Overarching growth strategy and roadmap
Design and develop a new Mesh brand
Build a digital infrastructure for a 4-week cohort experience
Strategize and redefine Mesh offerings and services
Design and publish high-quality content marketing assets, as lead magnets, experiences, and resources for the website
Create systems that support a highly engaged community
Brand Development

Initially, Ethos Media partnered with Dalton through an intensive brand discovery process to learn more about his mission, current audience, and services.

From there, we absorbed the essence of the Mesh brand to evolve it and create a new brand identity, look and feel, and tone and voice to use as the foundation for the brand and everything moving forward.

Custom Website
After we developed the new Mesh brand, we created an entirely custom website. The website is designed to beautifully display the Mesh values while showcasing its focused services for recruiters, candidates, and organizations. We also developed direct-response marketing campaigns, and high quality lead-magnet resources to give value through the website to new visitors and grow an interested email list.
Online Course
We also engineered a 4-week Conscious Connection Cohort for recruiters to learn the foundations of authentic recruiting and find greater fulfillment in mastering their craft. We even created engaging, entry-level experiences to draw-in and entice new people to the Mesh way.
Our Work
Mesh's vision and origins were incredible, but in order to grow and create more impact, Mesh needed an entirely new brand strategy, new digital foundations, improved product offers, and an attraction-based marketing plan to attract the ideal audience.
Business Strategy
A detailed roadmap, with strategy that follows a sequence for growth changes everything!

First, we established the CORE brand essentials. Then, built digital foundations with an optimized membership website. Then, move on to attraction-based marketing through content marketing to attract an interested audience and create community growth.
Brand Style Guide
A beautiful PDF that lays out the look and feel of the new Mesh brand. Anyone can use this as a detailed guide to keep the Mesh branding consistent in its messaging and design.
Website Systems
A succinct website that clearly explains the Mesh values and showcases its services for different audiences.
Brave Content Program
Production of value giving content for all social platforms optimized for engagement and reach. Including media of a wide variety: SEO optimized blogs, videos/reels, sliders, and more!
Content Strategy Guide
Assembled a step-by-step plan on how to create effective, organic-growth content geared toward Mesh's target audience.
Online Course Development
& Production

Worked with the Mesh team to plan, organize, produce and automate an online course called "Conscious Connections."
New Mesh Branding & Website
  • "Thank you for letting this continue to grow and blossom into what I know it was born to be. I just really appreciate you guys working together, working with me. I am growing a lot in this process."

    Danielle Jokinen
    CEO YOD Yoga

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